Get Engaged! Begin with some simple meditations that you can experience at home. Click here to download a FREE Peaceful Mind Meditation and Audio Introduction from Patricia.

There are many Online Courses and Processes available for purchase and review. This is a great way to get involved and move into higher states of awareness and consciousness. Engaged in Life means I am connecting to that which is greater than myself and opening up to see and experience my inner world.  Join me as we begin this journey together.

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Embodied Awakening is happening moment to moment as we tune into the Presence that indwells each of us. I celebrate sharing this life together and really enjoy gathering together in community and sharing the grace of these ancient wisdom teachings, giving deeksha, offering the Oneness Meditation and supporting one another on the journey.

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Empowered Awakening is feeling fully aligned with your higher sacred self and knowing that you are here at this time in this place to be fully present and to offer your unique gifts and talents to the world.

Many of us drift through our lives: waking up daily to the same routine, feeling disconnected from our closest relationships and from the everyday work that we are engaged in. We suffer from depression, doubt, frustration and loneliness, but feel this is “Normal” and so we just keep on keeping on until we can’t stand it any longer. This sense of estrangement, this inner longing for something more valuable, more meaningful is a kind of DIVINE DISCONTENT. We have ultimately separated from our best selves and our deepest wisdom and strength is lost to us.

When we recognize this longing for what it is, and are willing to stay with the feelings, rather that distract ourselves with drugs, alcohol, shopping, TV, food, sex, or whatever other strategy we have put in place to manage our deep suffering – then we are ready to take this Journey of Empowerment.

The Journey of Empowerment is one of inner discovery. It is not a quick fix to all of our problems, but as we begin to see ourselves more clearly and develop a bond with the deepest part of our Higher Selves, we come to discover a joy and acceptance that shifts the Everyday into Extraordinary.

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Exploring Life

Exploring Life from the Inside – Out can be an adventure in consciousness that takes us to new levels of awareness. Over the past twelve years travel to India has been one of the deepest experiences that has brought me to my knees and expanded my desire to serve and contribute my gifts in the world.

I have been on my spiritual journey to Oneness University in southern India since 2006. As I became more and more comfortable with the journey to India I helped people to prepare for the trip and traveled with them to the courses at O&O Academy as a National Organizer.

I am planning to take a group to O&O Academy for a course or to EKAM in late September through Oct. 13th. and I am so happy to support people to make this spiritual pilgrimage. There are several different paths offered by O&O Academy and the links and information on these paths is readily available on the web.

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“It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, life is all about taking the Next Step. It doesn’t matter what you did as much as it matters what you do next.”