Are you ready to get to the source of your limiting beliefs around money?

Are you tired of saying there’s not ENOUGH?

Are you ready to see what is keeping you stuck and how you can get positioned in the natural flow and vibration of abundance?

You see it is nature, in your creative work, you feel is as your body continues to move, change, and in your expanding consciousness.

Why is it that so many of us feel terminally STUCK around MONEY?

Many of us seek greater financial abundance in our lives and yet even with all of our prayers and affirmations, meditations and awakening, we still seem to struggle around making money. The problem is often a disconnection in the field. We say we want prosperity, yet our internal programs continue to keep us in a vibration that screams, “I am in lack. I don’t have enough. Being wealthy isn’t spiritual.”

This One on One 3 Keys to Wealth Consciousness Coaching Program focuses on three key teachings that will help you build wealth consciousness. Building Wealth Consciousness is the foundation to having wealth, money, and the resources we all need and desire to show up fully alive and to fulfill our divine destiny on planet earth at this time.

Prior to our session I will send you an assessment tool and ask you to fill that out and send a copy to me. When you are ready we will meet for a 60 minute session, by phone or video conference and work through the 3 Keys as they relate to you and your desires for wealth, money and things. There will be ongoing accountability email exchange through the private client portal and a follow up half hour session within one month of starting the course.
The Fee for this  coaching program is $333.00

Register for the Program Here  and get your assessment tool and set up an appointment with Patricia