The Four Baskets-
Deepening Based on your Birth Experience

This is a very powerful process that is taught to us by the Guides at Oneness University in India. In order to fully receive the power and grace of the Divine through this meditation, please prepare yourself and your sacred space.

~ Allow two hours for the process – no distractions, turn off your phone.
~ Create a sacred space, – clean the space, light a candle, have a picture of your Divine, offer flowers, fruit, incense, light.
~ Sit on the floor or in a chair for the meditation but have a mat and comfortable place to lie down for integration. You may chose to lie down for the entire process, be mindful that sometimes we check out when lying down.
~ Connect you computer to speakers or adjust your computer speakers so that your volume is comfortable. There is an introductory mp3 and you can use that for a sound check before downloading and diving into the process mp3.

If you haven’t watched the livestream discussion about the 4 baskets, here are the links. Each discussion is followed by Awakened Deeksha, which would be a wonderful beginning for your process. Take your time as your allow yourself to be fully aware and immersed in this powerful experience.

Video Overview explaining the Four Baskets – Free
Video Explaining 1st and 2nd Basket – Free
Video Explaining 3rd Basket – Free
Video Explaining 4th Basket – Free
The Four Baskets –  Audio File – 1 hour 45 minutes


The audio file in no longer available for purchase. I you wish to work with me on the 4 baskets, please set up a coaching session and we will proceed. Here is the link for a complimentary jumpstart half hour session.

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