The Four Sacred Secrets

AWAKEN To the Power of Consciousness

Take the journey to expand in consciousness

Transform from the inside…

The Four Sacred Secrets, A Guide to a Beautiful Life of Love and Prosperity by Preethaji and Krishnaji was a national bestseller when it launched in early August 2019 and since then study groups have been popping up worldwide. The book is more than another self help book. It is filled with deep wisdom, often contrary to what we have been told in the past.

The authors lead us through powerful reflective journeys to anchor the teachings into our personal life experience. Preethaji and Krishnaji are married and both are philosopher teachers who along with their parents founded a meditation and philosophy school in southern India, O&O Academy. They have been supporting students worldwide for many years and now their message is available to all of us in this powerful book.

Krishnaji and Preethaji Co Founders of O&O Academy

Join me for a powerful Book Study ONLINE
Using computer, smartphone or phone

Gathering together to deepen our personal journey and to connect and reflect with one another is a gift we have been given through the power of technology. It is easy and possible to grow and evolve from reading and doing the journey exercises in the Four Sacred Secrets, but when we take the journey together we expand our personal understanding as we witness transformation in others.

~ Week 1 – Live with a Spiritual Vision ~
~ Week 2 – Discover Your Inner Truth ~
~ Week 3 – Awaken to Universal Intelligence ~
~ Week 4 – Spiritual Right Action ~

Beginning Tuesday September 1st to September 25th
Tuesdays and Fridays weekly – total of 9 sessions
Includes Reunion call October 2nd

We will use video and screen share with ZOOM technology.
You may join on your computer, smart phone or call in without video.
Lessons will be interactive through zoom and email.

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