chakra1.2150242_stdThe 7 Chakras represent powerful wheels, or energy vortexes in the body. They connect into primary organs, the nervous system, cellular and structural elements of the physical body and especially the brain.

Are your feeling grounded, secure in your world and in your life? Or is your 1st Chakra of balance leaving your adrift and uncertain?

How is your connection to your physical body, your sensuality and your creative energy? Are you hiding and cutting off your full expression of the 2nd chakra?

Are you accessing your personal will power and claiming your significance or is your 3rd chakra under-active?

Do you feel open-hearted and connected in your relationships or are you mistaking attachment for love. Is your 4th chakra in need of a tune up?

Do you claim your truth, speak your authentic voice or is yoru 5th chakra feeling a bit shy and holding back?

Can you see beyond the day to day experiences of your life and allow your insight and intuition to guide your life, or is your third eye blinded by circumstances and situations?

Finally how do you connect with all that is, with that which is greater than you and that you call you god or you Higher sacred self? Are you rigid or feeling empty in this higher connection through the 7th chakra?

Join me as we explore and experience a simple teaching following by an ancient meditation technique which activates the subtle dimension of the energy body, allows kundalini to flow through the chakras and nadis (pathways) making them vibrant. The flow of energy in this primary inner body system affects all the other layers thereby resulting in a healthy body and mind, the result of which is bliss and peace.

Gentle Breath Techniques will be woven throughout the classes to enhance your experience of the teachings and deepen your process.Gain tools to help you learn to meet life’s challenges with Joy.


Course fee is 165.00 and includes automatic access to the lesson 1.  Every 5 days a new lesson will be added for you. Plus two monthly access calls with Patricia

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