My gratitude to those of you who’ve already  read The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing: Vol.5 and found my Chapter 10, Divine Discontent: Finding Your True Self in Times of Transition. It was a labor of love and so great to be a Best Seller in December, 2021.

If you read the chapter, you’ll know I spent quite a while wrestling with my Divine Discontent. It began after divorce #two and finally eliminating my dependence on Chardonnay to manage stress. The inner emptiness and disconnection was intense, yet at the same time I was feeling a calling for something deeper, something that mattered more to me and to the world. All this while  I was experiencing great success as an entrepreneur in my real estate career.  The conflict was confusing and exhausting.


Waking up to a new me, a new life, took time and the support of other women. I found a personal spiritual mentor and coach, as well as a larger spiritual community to bring offer guidance and instruction on my journey.

Today I trust the value of inner discovery as the path to both spiritual growth, and also the only way to successful and lasting relationships, purposeful and joyful work and a deep sense of peace and fulfillment every day. It is a way of life.

I am committed to support you, as you find yourself in transition, as you move beyond the identify of mother, wife and busy career women, and give yourself the space and support so to find your True Self.  You will begin to Awaken to the Power of Consciousness and activate the deep SOUL POWERS that are your Divine Feminine Inheritance.

Listen Here to the ABC Self-Healing Practice with Instructions




Please use this simple three-step practice often. You can download the instructions and go through the process.

Once you get the hang of it it takes only 3 minutes and very soon it will become something you default to in times of stress.

I would love to support you further in your journey, as your personal spiritual life coach or as part of one of my group coaching programs for spiritually conscious women.

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