the-four-sacred-secrets-9781501173776_lg20180524_121914_resizedLogo 2      Join me online to enjoy and deeply dive into Preethaji and Krishnaji’s new bestselling book.

      The Four Sacred Secrets, A Guide to a Beautiful Life of Love and Prosperity.

We will share excerpts from the book deep reflection, group meditations and personal moments of inspiration and clarity.
The online book study program will be offered over 4+weeks, meeting Mondays and Thursdays so that we can stay connected to the material and also to each other as we move through the process offered in this powerful new book from two great spiritual teachers and leaders.

As your Facilitator I have been leading spiritual study groups for over 20 years and have worked with this amazing new book over the past two months. I’ve already hosted a Soul Circle study group in my home for the past two month. I am so happy to be offering this to friends around the globe so that we can impact our own state of consciousness and awakening but also become the calm connected presence that our world needs right now. Your work in our Soul Circle will manifest as ripples throughout your life, in your family and at your workplace.

Time: 1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern

each session two hours
Course Fee for all 9 sessions is only $97.00
question: . or 510-759-9697

watch an interview with Preethaji and Krishnaji as they discuss the new book with