Change is. That’s just it. Change IS.
We might not like it. We might try to change it – (Try to change change??? How smart it that?)
But face it. Life if a process and NOTHING stays the same. Change Is.

Is this you?
I’m a little bit up in the air about my next step?
I’m being prepared for something I don’t know what
What am I supposed to be doing?
I’m in a process of peeling off everything
I thought everything would flow, and it isn’t -I don’t understand why or what I’m doing wrong
I have so much on my plate I have no energy
Where do I focus first?
Overwhelmed – too much information

You’re in the midst of CHANGE and what you want is
More clarity on what I want to do
Rising to my full potential
Financial freedom
Everything just falls into place
Be able to contribute
Feel more happy, at peace