Divorce~Forgiveness~Karma – Workshop for Women

March 25th 10am – 6pm

Course Location on Saturday: Marin County Downtown San Rafael, CA

When there is divorce we are often left with unfinished emotions and commitments. For some women, we are the ones who initiated the separation and eventual divorce. For others, our husband made the choice to leave the relationship. Even when it feels like a mutual agreement to separate, there is “unfinished business.” In addition to our own individual karma: our patterns of action, words and thoughts, we inherit the karma of our spouse and can pass that on to our children and grandchildren. For many women this is a BIG SHOCK and a wake up call. The good news is, you can do something about it.

Join me for this very powerful in-depth day to explore the karma involved in your divorce, and to move into a place of forgiveness for yourself and your spouse..

Space is limited so please pre-register so that I can give you preparation information as well as the location and directions. For those who are taking the course as a Virtual Workshop, you will be connecting with us al throughout the day, with time for you to process at home and return back to our group.

Advanced Oneness Trainer Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel will draw on her own personal experiences of two divorces and the power of the deep processes from Oneness University. Understanding our karmic patterns will help us each go deeper int the present moment. In this deepening we become free of resentment, unwanted habits in relationships and ready to fully embody our best qualities of loving presence.

Registration: $149.00 if pre-paid by credit card or check. $175 at the door.V

To register email me or text and I will send paypal link
patriciakeel@gmail.com 510-759-9697