Mornings 8am PDT

Soul Sync Meditation
Soul Sync Meditation Mornings 8am PDT

These meditations are offered 7 days a week and everyone is welcome. There is no charge, just come and join us.

Twice Daily Meditations continuing through the Shelter In Place

Mornings at 8am PDT/ 9am MDT/10am CDT/11am EDT

Soul Sync Practice Please join at this zoom link

Everyone is invited to join us for Soul Sync Practice which is 16 minutes. Only those initiated as Ekam Meditators are invited to stay on the call for the Mystic Practice.

To find out more about Ekam and the 65,000 worldwide Ekam Meditators 

Dated for future initiation are
July 18th Saturday
9:30pm PDT/10:30pm MDT/11:30pm CDT/12:30am July 19th EDT
July 19th Sunday
5:30am PDT/6:30am MDT/7:30am CDT/8:30am EDT

Here is information on how to be initiated please go here and register

Daily Meditations Afternoons

Serene Mind Meditation Afternoons 5pm PDT (except Thursdays)
Followed by Smarana Deeksha by Intention

Please join with the same link