Deepening and Oneness Awakening Course

Elizabeth Scherwenka & Patricia Advanced Oneness Trainers

The Deepening and Oneness Awakening Course is designed to help people move beyond the limitations and structures of the mind. When we are identified with the mind– when we filter our experience through our past conditioning– we are in fact not living, but merely existing, merely surviving. When we live within the structures of the mind, we are not actually alive at all. The purpose of life is simply to live– to experience reality as it is– that natural state where the senses are alive, the heart is open, in direct contact with the Oneness in everything.

This is not a course to convey information, but rather a vehicle through which to show you directly what life is like outside the realm of the mind– that vast peace, stillness, and love that is revealed in direct experience.

The Course will offering teachings and powerful processes that Advanced Oneness Trainers, Patricia Keel and Elizabeth Scherwenka have received from the Oneness University and through their own life experiences. It is perfect for current Deeksha givers to repeat and deepen their awareness, and it is the entry course for those wishing to become Oneness Blessing/Deeksha Givers. The final part of the course includes the powerful Ananda Mandala “breath of fire” meditation and a sacred initiation for new people.

During the course you will:
• Dissolve charges and open energy centers through a unique guided breathing process;
• Heal and improve relationships with your parents, partner, children/inner child;
• Establish a deep connection with your own experience of the Divine;
• Experience higher states of consciousness and awareness;
• Receive Blessinsg for Awakening
• Be initiated as an Oneness Blessing Giver


The course is offered live in San Rafael, Marin County California by Patricia and Elizabeth every few months. Both are traveling to India in August and September so our next course will be in the late fall.
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