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Online Ancestor Liberation Course.

Note: This is a process with Indian rituals and intended for those who are deeksha givers and those who have a familiarity with these processes. If that is not the case for you, please email me immediately. We will refund your course fee and send you to a future Ancestor Course without these Indian rituals.

There are four parts to this course.

Part 1: Your Preparation

This is a very powerful process and for you to get the most out of your investment of energy you will want to put a little time into identifying something about your ancestors. Photos are great, but if all you get are some names and/or dates, that is ok too.

If you have a genealogy with a family free – you are ahead of the game. If not, you could begin by looking for your parents and grandparents’ names and information. Specifically look at those who have made a transition out of the physical body. These are the beings we will be praying for. Whatever you can find about their lives is good. Where they lived, the conditions of their families. Were they living in difficult or challenging situations? How was their health? How long did they live? What culture did they grow up in? Wars, the Great Depression, other cultural and societal impacts that they experienced are part of your process. Do some digging. Again, we are focusing on those who have passed away.

Part 2: The Audio of our Teleconference – You will receive the link for the replay – It is 2.5 hours

Part 3: The Process Videos – After you have listened to the Teleconference you can go to your private link for the ritual process videos that you will watch in the privacy of your home. That link will arrive by separate email.

To get the most from this ancient ritual and process you will be asked to create a sacred space and an altar with photos of family and your ancestors.

After you listen to the audio of the Teleconference, it would be excellent to plan a special date for your video processes. Put it on your calendar and set aside the time for 4 or 5 hours with no interruptions. You will be contemplating, releasing and integrating some very deep energies through this process, so don’t rush yourself. Take this very seriously. You are giving a gift and a blessing to your ancestors and to your family members who have passed as well as to your family and to yourself. Part of our ritual involves offering 108 rose petals on the altar. If you wish, you could also gather rose petals and make these offerings along with us. This is not necessary, only an option. 

Part 4: Follow up Sadhana, or Practice – After your Ritual process you are invited to do a follow up blessing process for the next 11 days. This involves lighting a candle, repeating the Moola Mantra and making offering at the ancestor altar. We estimate it will take 15-20 minutes each day. While not a requirement for the course, it is recommended that you do the full 12 days. So plan your schedule to allow this morning or evening practice to liberate your ancestors. Here is the link to an mp3 file of the 49 repetitions of the Moola Mantra. It takes 10 minutes

Questions: email me or Elizabeth

Patricia and Elizabeth