EKAM CIRCLES are global gatherings to ignite and support humanity’s transformation into the field of higher consciousness. The weekly circles are designed to impact our body, mind and spirit and to enhance our relationships, health, abundance and peace of mind and heart. Over the course of 8 weeks a powerful gift will be shared each week in the EKAM CIRCLE experience.

Currently I am taking a break – will be back in the Fall

The Gift of Accessing Universal Intelligence for Clearing Obstacles.
The Gift of Health and Vitality
The Gift of Family Relationships
The Gift of Wealth and Success
The Gift of Stress Release
the Gift of Passion at Work
The Gift of Education
The Gift of Releasing the Departed

The 60 minute sacred immersion in an EKAM CIRCLE includes meditation, wisdom teachings, chants and sacred blessings. Each EKAM CIRCLE is led by a facilitator who is trained to connect the group with the energies from EKAM , the mystical powerhouse in southern India and to support the offering of the weekly gift for all participants. There are over 500 global EKAM CIRCLES worldwide. With the opening of our Online Circles the power of consciousness has increased.

Learn More about EKAM and the Cosmic Principles of its construction.

Ekam Circles are best experienced over 8 weekly sessions.

Patricia was initiated to offer this powerful transformational process along with over 200 people from all over the world in December 2019 in India. Since then many more Ekam Circle leaders have been trained. The program focuses on one particular Gift each week so that we are all impacted in a morphic field of resonance. All are welcome.

For more information please email Patricia patriciakeel@gmail.com