EKAM CIRCLES are a new offering from O & O Academy that will be launched worldwide next weekend, January 18th. Facilitators from all over the world will hold free events connecting the powerhouse of EKAM with a specific weekly intention for all participants.

Our first intention is: Accessing Universal Intelligence for Clearing Obstacles.

Subsequent weeks will include: Health and Vitality, Love in the Family, Prosperity, Stress Release, Passion for Work, Intelligence, and Connection with the Departed.

The SF Bay Area will Host three weekly EKAM CIRCLES beginning Sunday January 19th, 2020.

All are Invited to attend. The Ekam Circles last 60-75 minutes.

EAST BAY  – SUNDAYS AT 4:00PM in Union City at the home of Farzana Yaqubi in Union City 94587.  The group will be facilitated by OC Transformer Patricia Keel patriciakeel@gmail.com email or text 510-759-9697 for address.
Register for free at https://ekamcircleeastbay.eventbrit.com

GILROY – MONDAYS AT 6:30PM in a Private Residence in Gilroy please email to get address:

salsameditation@gmail.com  The group will be facilitated by OC Transformer Carmen Kotto 

SAN FRANCISCO – MONDAYS AT 7:00PM – Location Sutter Street between Hyde and Leavenworth. text Patricia for exact number and how to get in. register for free at https://ekamcirclesf.eventbrite.com . The group will be facilitated by Patricia Keel You can also email me next week patriciakeel@gmail.com or text 510-759-9697 for more information.

MARIN COUNTY – THURSDAYS AT 7:00PM – Location Private Residence in Kentfield Week 1, January 23rd. No meeting week 2, January 20th. The group will be facilitated by OC Transformer Patricia Keel patriciakeel@gmail.com email or text 510-759-9697 for address. Register for free at https://ekamcirclemarin.eventbrite.com


Learn More About Ekam
The 5 Elements of this Mystic Powerhouse

Ekam is a mystic powerhouse. It is a unique structure that combines the earth’s energies and the cosmic energies, creating a powerful field within itself. The structure of Ekam is a phenomenon—it can affect and uplift your consciousness into transcendental realms.

Ekam is more than a structure, it is a powerful being that listens to your heartfelt intentions and manifests them. Ekam exists for all humanity, to make every human being reconnect with their truth and have a direct personal experience of what they believe in.

Ekam is like a mothership that radiates immense cosmic energies across the plane. Every EKAM CIRCLE where seekers gather together weekly is like a satellite ship that connects to Ekam and draws the immense grace and blessings that Ekam radiates.

Through chanting the Ekam mantra, we will be receiving and connecting with the power of Ekam. The cosmic energies flowing from Ekam heal our body, mind and consciousness; awaken our spiritual energies leading us into the transcendental and mystical dimensions; flow into our lives to manifest our deepest wishes and dissolve challenges, obstacles and problems. This is the immense gift we will receive from Ekam.You are invited to join an Ekam Circle.