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Embodied Awakening is happening moment to moment as we tune into the Presence that indwells each of us. Let’s celebrate sharing this life together and really enjoy gathering in community – (VIrtually now with Covid restrictions) sharing the grace of these ancient wisdom teachings, giving deeksha, offering the Daily free Meditations and wisdom and supporting one another on the journey.

Many of us are experiencing major shifts internally that are bringing about a change in how we relate to ourselves to our partners, children, family and friends. As we begin to release judgment and comparison, our relationships and interactions carry new life and Presence. The CONFLICT of the mind, the mental chatter that drains our energy, exhausts us with its indecision and constant complaining and fault finding is GONE. In its place is a new awareness of the present moment, the wonder and awe of life as it is. Gratitude and joy are no longer just words to be understood, they are experiences to be felt and shared.

Won’t you join me in this outstanding time of shift and transformation. Come to a live course, join an online Daily Meditation  come to an Ekam Circle weekly gathering, join an online class or teleseminar. For those seeking a one on one experience, set up a private session. Complementary half hour Jumpstart session are a great way to see if you want to engage in regular coaching with me.

Look for ongoing postings about live events and online classes in the COURSES Menu of the website.

Coming soon.
Women’s Healing Retreat – December 28th and 30th online Summit
Patricia Keel, Kendel Paulson hosting 6 Powerful Sessions to support Women during this trying times as we manage home family work and self care.