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We feel empowered when we have made that connection from the head to the heart and we know that we are living on Purpose and in alignment with our Divine Destiny or Life Blueprint. For many of us we need the support of a trusted friend, a confidant, someone who has been on the path and can shine the light for us when we can’t seem to find our way, or when doubt or confusion cloud our vision. This is when spiritual counseling or mentoring can be a very useful part of our awakening journey.  My personal mentors where spiritual teachers and ministers long before I became part of the global Oneness Community. Now I have guides that I look to for support and mentoring.

I know the power of sharing giant and baby steps with someone who believes in me. Let me be that person for you. I offer sessions by phone, in person here in Marin County in the San Francisco Bay Area, and also on Zoom. Most clients need a minimum of 3 sessions to find clarity and help focus their energies.  I offer a 3 in 3 package: 3 sessions within 3 months. For those wishing to maintain a weekly mentoring and accountability I offer 3 and 6 months programs as well as small group programs with like minded community members.   Contact me by email to book a complimentary Jumpstart Discovery session for 30 minutes.  More information is available here.