Get Engaged…Your Journey begins now.

Begin with some a simple meditation that you can experience at home.
Below is a short Introductory audio to explain the Meditation process

Here is a Guided 4 Minute Meditation Process – please listen to explanation above before playing.

There are many Online Meditations, Courses and Processes available for you to explore.  This is a great way to get involved and move into higher states of awareness and consciousness. Engaged In Life means I am connecting to that which is greater than myself and opening up to see and experience my inner world.  Join me as we begin this journey together.Path to Light


The Four Baskets-Deepening Based on your Birth Experience
Video Explaining Overview of the 4 Baskets – Free
Video Explaining 1st and 2nd Basket – Free
Video Explaining 3rd Basket – Free
Video Explaining 4th Basket – Free
The Four Baskets –  2 Hour Audio File
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Ekam Circles – Wednesdays at 1pm PDT and Thursdays at 4pm PDT

Daily Meditations with Patricia