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Life is an adventure to be lived. Sri Bhagavan says our journey of awakening moves us from merely existing to really LIVING.  For me the journey to Oneness University in Southern India as been an integral part of my adventure in living these past 12 years.

I was first introduced to the Oneness Phenomenon of deeksha in 2005 and have been back to Oneness University, now O&O Academy many times to take courses for my own personal growth and transformation and to accompany others on the path.

I find every time I travel to India I fall more in love with the people and the place. The deep sense of spirituality that permeates the culture and the country draw me into my heart and I experience love and joy with everyone I meet.

I invite you to explore the possibility of joining me in India on my next trip to Ekam, the Oneness Field: September 2018.  Take a look at the Menu baron my website INDIA and please, email me patriciakeel@gmail.com if you have any interest in exploring and sharing the adventure of India with me.

Here is the basic info about my Sept Oct. trip. register with me. It’s free to get all the guidance you need to make the trip.https://patriciakeel.com/indiainthefall/