The Power of Gratitude

In life, we’re often told to be grateful for what we have.

To avoid complaining and to be content with our lot in life.
Or, on the flip side, we’re told to never settle
and to keep striving for more.

So which is it?

And why does it feel like these two methods are so at odds?

Our ability to be happy with what we have has a direct impact on our happiness and contentment in our life…
and yet, we’re often discouraged from enjoying that same contentment.

We’re told to push ourselves to do and have more,
that we’ll be happier when we finally achieve these goals
or pass those milestones.

It’s no wonder that so many of us struggle to bring
more joy into our lives.

Why We Struggle To Be Happy

Many people don’t understand how to balance gratitude
for what they have with the desire to push themselves
to a higher level.

Whether they’re discontented with work, a friend, a family member
or even themselves…
these folks don’t allow themselves to be grateful for what they have.
Instead, they tell themselves that things must change – and then they’ll be happy.

They fail to take the time to be present with what they have.

This often results in anxiety, displeasure, and an
unending hunger for more.

Even worse – people often interpret their current situation
as the cause of their discontent.

Which sets them off on another cycle of striving and unhappiness.

That’s where gratitude skills —
that anyone can learn and implement —
come into play…

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You may know that cultivating gratitude makes YOU feel better.
But did you know that being grateful helps
the people around you as well?

In fact, studies show that when it comes to gratitude,
it really is better to give than to receive!

And that’s partly because of something called reciprocity.

That’s the kind of grateful feeling you get when someone does something nice for you,
that makes you want to do something nice
in return, which makes them feel more grateful in response
and the whole thing snowballs out until everyone’s
feeling grateful and happy for each other.

It’s a simple biological response that’s hard-wired into our systems, and into the systems of most other primates as well—
like a troop of chimpanzees grooming each other.

But the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” behavior
doesn’t actually stop there.

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to spread gratitude, happiness, and joy out over the whole globe,
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