You can register now for the September Women’s Health Deeksha Course,
Saturday September 3rd, 12:30 -6:00pm
Again, limited to 7 women.
See details below.

Health Deeksha Process for Womenarogya
Date: Saturday, August 20th
Time: 12:30-6:00pm
Location: My Home 101 McAllister Ave. Kentfield, my home

This is a process to direct energies to Health and Healing in the Physical Body. And as we know our physical issues stem from spiritual and psychological issues and charges.
In this course we will address all levels of healing and rely on the Divine energies beyond the mind to powerfully work in and through each of us.

While in India in June I was directed by the Kalki Dasa to do the Health Processes. I did a Puja in India and am now offering this Sacred Health Arogya Deeksha Process.

This will be the second time to offer this process to a group and so I am limiting it to a sacred number of women and will hold in in my home where there is powerful sacred space to share and to offer each individual.

This process involves a combination sacred experiences, offering of 49 flowers, and deep contemplation.
If you would like to participate please register here on Paypal and prepay for the class.

Pre-requisites and what to bring
~ Please bath before you arrive
~ Please wear white clothing
~ Bring a clean pair of socks
~ Bring a Journal to capture your insights
~ Eat lightly before coming – please do not fast
~ Bring a mat and shawl and hat if you wish to sit outside on my deck for your contemplations.
~ Bring 49 or more flowers. This could be a bunch of daisies, roses, a combination of many different flowers from your garden, whatever you feel guided to offer your Divine. We will offer49 flower heads as part of the puja.
~ Bring a plate or bowl to hold your offerings so that you can take these sacred and blessed flowers back home with you.
~~NOTE:We will prepare the flowers and set up our individual puja offerings together as part of our experience, so please arrive on time.

I will have water and snacks will be provided.

I only have room for 3 more women, when the space is filled I will close registrations.
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Register and pay online below

Here is one participant’s experience:
Such an overwhelmingly Beautiful experience. It felt like I was being held in Golden Light the entire process. Even now it feels magical, sublime. I’ve already seen and felt evidence of my healing taking place.! I feel so blessed 🙂 Praise be to the Divine. I am so grateful that I we have Patricia Keel so close to us here in the Bay Area. She holds such sacred space for us all to participate in miracles together. Thank you!!!