High Tide and the Unraveling

I was walking along the creek this morning and talking to ….my Self. That’s my Higher Sacred Self that I often have heart to heart conversations with. I’ve been feeling such a sense of unraveling in my life lately and my morning walks are a great time to leave the phone at home, and to enjoy the beauty of the mountain, the wake of a single duck swimming downstream, and the ever-changing tidal action in the creek. It reminds me that life IS change.

Today on my walk it was High Tide; waters rising up to the tall grasses along much of the creek, and just beginning to ebb in the inlets. I had a moment of that HIGH TIDE feeling, expansive, open wide, but as I listened to the inner voice I found that awareness of today’s high tide also called forth the memory of yesterday’s mud flats, the low tide, remembering the geese walking on water, or so it appeared.

Such is the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes we are feeling full, our tide is up and we are floating along, in the flow of the energy of nature, in the flow of all that feels good, and rich, and joyful and easy. Then it happens, the tide recedes and we are like the geese, wading in the mud, trying to pick up one foot and put in down before we lose our balance and slip.

High tides and low tides are the extreme of the moon’s mystery and her pull upon the waters of our local creek. They are also part of the internal push and pull that we feel moment to moment in our daily experience of life. Sometimes we feel it as emotions, joy, sadness, happiness, anger, jealousy, awe, grief, fear, love. Sometimes it shows up in the physical world: good friends, loneliness, money in the bank, debt, a job we love, unemployment, vibrant health, body pain or disease.

All this is life: inner and outer, full and empty, highs and lows, ebb and flow, ease and struggle, pleasure and pain. Change is constant in our lives as it is in nature. How we experience it is a journey that each of us takes based upon our personal perceptions, family, upbringing, genetics, karma, beliefs, and so much more.

I love this quote from Sri Bhagavan on acceptance. It really helps me to experience and fully feel my “unraveling” and know it is part of the nature of my life right now.

“…because you can only be yourself. How can you be something else? However much you can try how could you be something else? You cannot become. That is the illusion from which one must become free.

So, what I am telling is, whatever you are, just accept that. When you accept it, there is no conflict. When there is no conflict there is plenty of energy. When you have energy, you see what is going on inside. You get joy. This is why, all of you, please fully experience that pain.”

Today I’m loving this experience of unraveling. It’s showing me the high and low tides that move through me moment to moment. What is also fascinating is seeing the family patterns, the karmic patterns and the mind games that I’ve played to get back to what I thought was my normal i.e. knit together beautifully woven life tapestry.

Ha ha. That makes my Divine laugh.

If you relate at any to what I am saying, let me know. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself (and of course I am – my kids tell me I have been doing it for years!)

Many blessings

for seeing and accepting the High and Low Tides of your life,