bannerWelcome – Let’s prepare for a great start – The Miracle of Positive Prayer
Welcome to our 21-Day Program
Based on the 3 Keys to Positive Prayer

I am super excited for you to get started and experience Miracles and Answered Prayers in our course. You will have a daily lesson sent to your email through this online program. There is also an opportunity to connect in community with your insights and questions through the technology of Ruzuku. Each day will have a Daily Focus – they call it a Lesson – with several postings. These will include quotes, audio files and maybe a video. There may also be questions for you to reflect upon and either answer in your personal journal, or post your comments in the discussion board that will be seen by everyone taking the course.

21 Days to Focus on 3 Keys: Connection, Communication and Clarity
People assert that if we do something for 21 days it may become a habit and we’ll be on our way to establishing new pathways in the brain. This may happen for some of you, and as your inner realm changes it may cause shifts in your external world. Over the next three weeks I invite your curiosity and awareness to explore some deeply held beliefs that have been driving your spiritual Connections and Communications and perhaps limiting the Clarity of your Prayers.

There is a Weekly Focus on the 3 Keys to Positive Prayer.
Week 1: Connection Week 2: Communication Week 3: Clarity

Learn the ropes of Ruzuku –
Below is a short video put out by the Ruzuku folks to help yo navigate their system. I suggest your watch it and connect with your Lesson One to get a good start to you 21 days.


Using the Ruzuku Learning Platform from Ruzuku on Vimeo.