I have been traveling to southern India since March of 2006. Have made over 16 trips and most of the time I have attended courses at Oneness University, now called O&O Academy. I have been a Travel Organizer and taken groups of 5-50 since 2013. I love to share the experience with seekers and am so happy to have the opportunity to take a group again this fall.

This past winter when I was attending a course and training I took 5 extra days to attend the meditation and processes at Ekam, the Oneness Field. This is what was formerly known as the Oneness Temple. My experience was so profound and powerful I want to share it with you if you are called to make this journey to India.

Here is a link to see what I am up to. https://ekamwithpatriciakeel.eventbrite.com

Be sure to spend some time checking out all the information on this page https://patriciakeel.com/ekam

You will see several videos about the EKAM experience. and also information about the accommodations available on 4 campuses. There are options to suit anyone’s prices range and comfort needs.

You can register for free if you would like to join me for this experience. Some of you may want to arrive at the same time I am arriving in Chennai so we can relax for a few day, shop if you wish then travel to the campus on Sept 30th. You could attend the Journey into Abundance Course or join me at EKAM.

Others may want to arrive on your own schedule any time during this window when I will be in India. September 29th – Oct 13th. We will see each other at EKAM each day, no matter which campus you chose for your accommodations. How great would it be to share this joy and celebration in India together!

If you are not available to travel when I am going, there are many other travel organizers who can support you on your timetable.  Here is the link to get more informaiton about who may be taking a group to EKAM when you wish to travel.

All the best