Journey into Oneness is an immensely powerful, radically life transforming and extraordinarily magical journey into Abundance, Transformation, Transcendence and Oneness.

A spiritual offering like never before, it will be an unforgettably magnificent experience for every seeker. Bringing to you a unique coming together of the Magnanimity of the Divine and the Power of Consciousness.

Here are some of the outcomes of this 8 – Level journey:

You will lock into the Divine and experience immeasurable benevolence and bounty. You will awaken to the unlimited potential of Consciousness and experience fundamentally transformative states of being.

You will awaken to wealth consciousness and become a conscious creator. You will learn liberative wisdom and have direct experiences that will allow you to enjoy every form of abundance.

Your presence will acquire the power to heal and transform the lives of others. You will attract synchronicities and miracles. You will become change makers who have the power to impact the web of life.

You will experience transcendental states in consciousness. You will learn the Universe’s deepest secrets about life, death, after life, rebirth and karma. You will discover your life’s purpose and experience the deep fullfilment that comes in fulfilling it.

Your journey will culminate in the most profound experience of Oneness – a state that seekers have yearned for 1000s of years, a state that epitomises the pinnacle of spiritual evolution.

As you get established in the state of Oneness, possibilities become realities, you move from existence to living, life overflows with abundance. With the appeasement of all craving, you emerge into a new being. You become a Phenomenon.

DATES: Journey Into Abundance 1 – Conscious Creator
This course is open to everyone. 

·      July 20-August 2nd

·      August 5th -15th

·      September 1st-11th

·      October 26th –  Nov. 5th

·      November 24th – Dec. 4th

DATES: Journey Into Abundance 2 – Conscious Creator

December 5th-15th

 **You must complete Journey into Abundance 1 in order to attend Journey Into Abundance 2





Here is what Sri Bhagavan tell us about the amazing transformation that is happening on our planet at this time. Some of us are called to do the processes at Oneness University in southern India, others will experience the transformation through these lighthouses.  

Are you called to be a lighthouse? 

QUESTION:-Dear Bhagavan, why does not the world get transformed easily? Is the penance done by our ancestors going to help us in anyway on our spiritual path?

SRI BHAGAVAN :- “It is not your fault that you are not transformed. We are all products of the times. Fortunately, the times have changed and we have entered wonderful times and people by and large are easily going to make it. It is not that they must come here to the University; it is not that must undergo a process.

Initially a few of you will have to come for the process then you will be able to go back and give it to people, your power would be growing very fast, week by week, month by month, year by year, then probably a touch would do, a look would do. So, you would transform people, then there will come a point where nobody need to touch another and people would automatically get transformed. The wall would crumble on its own. So it is not going to take long.

The only thing is, by becoming enlightened, we are helping others become enlightened, we are helping this process. Because we are part of this process, we are part of nature, we a cooperate, nature expects us to cooperate. We are giving it a helping hand. Otherwise it’s just an event which will come to pass. Mankind would have moved into other ages, again nobody was responsible, we had to.

It is not that our great great grandfathers suffered, that we are fortunate. No! We are those great great grandfathers, we have come back, we will again come back. We are only rotating again and again. We have been recycled. So, we have worked hard for many many years, I think now it is time to reap the harvest.

That’s why, I maintain it does not matter who you are, what you are; whether you are a sinner or a saint does not matter because everybody is going to get transformed and Enlightened.”