Have you ever felt frustrated that your prayers to the Divine are not getting answered? Maybe it feels like there is no one listening, or that you don’t deserve to receive what you desire.

For some of us we have a detailed agenda and expectation as to how our prayers should be answered and when.  Anything short of meeting these requirements means that our prayers are not answered. we have been overlooked by the Divine.

What if you could change the way you are praying in some very small ways and have huge results in you day to day life? Wouldn’t you be wiling to put in a little effort for some big results?

Well, if you’ve ever felt like God wasn’t listening, and maybe even given up on you, then this free webinar is for you. we will explore several keys to help you learn the art of positive prayer: praying that calls forth what you and your God want for you in this lifetime.
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Join Patricia Keel, Oneness Advanced Trainer and Meditator. Patricia has been teaching positive prayer to groups and individuals in her role as a spiritual teacher and minster for over 25 years  This free course is open to people of any faiths or no particular faith. If you feel you are spiritual but not religious this is the course for you.

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