Are you struggling to manage all the changes in your life?

Maybe it’s a change in a key relationship, a break up or a divorce.

Maybe it’s a health challenge for yourself or someone you love.

Maybe it’s a job shift. You lost your job, your spouse lost his job or you’re ready to move on and make a change in your career, but you need that paycheck.

Maybe your finances have changed and you’re struggling to make ends meet, you’re just surviving paycheck to paycheck.

Maybe you are an empty nester and no longer have kids at hope to be your main focus of attention.

Maybe you’re welcoming the birth of a child, caretaking an elderly parent, death and taxes.

Some or all of the above. So many changes.

So much to manage, to control, to avoid, to resist, to wish and hope it would be different.

If this is you or feels like your life right now I have some great news. Help is on the way, and it’s within your power to find a calm center in the apparent storm of change.

Help is on the Way

While you can’t change the fate of a failed relationship, you can use the opportunity to learn something about yourself, let go of anger and the resentment that keep you up at night. Move toward forgiving yourself and be more present to your next relationship.

While you can resolve to change your diet, exercise more and find more expert advice to you must also look inside and ask what might have caused the breakdown and dis-ease in the body. Seeing and addressing our spiritual and emotional needs can translate into a healthy body.

When you find ourselves out of work or in work that no longer inspires you, you’ve been given the proverbial Cosmic 2 x 4. The work you do in the world is one of the most powerful ways to express your unique gifts and talents. Sometimes the universe has to pull us out of a stagnant situation in order to allow us to grow into our greatness. This is so very true as you strengthen your best gifts and talents in your career and your highest values and qualities in our relationships.

Struggling with money is a drain of energy that causes us to express the opposite of what we want; a flow of abundance. Often a simple shift in mindset can change our perspective and our prosperity.