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One on One with Patricia – A trusted coach and guide for your Journey

Your Spiritual Journey is the most important journey you make in this lifetime. It is the underpinning of all that transpired in the outer: our relationships, our health, our wealth, our life purpose, career, joy, happiness. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

Most of us try it on our own, and yet having someone to listen and support us, to offer guidance and direction helps to clear the path and offer light on the way. I have done a lot of personal bush-whacking over the past 30 years and know the value of a spiritual mentor and coach: someone who has walked the path and can offer help along the way. We each do it alone. we each have our own challenges, our own divine destiny, and yet the help of a coach or guide can make the journey easier and help bring us more clarity day to day.

We are in amazing times. Our species is being called into higher consciousness for its survival. Awakening into this states of peace and joy, into expanded awareness and Presence is no longer limited to yogis in the cliffs or to those who have devoted their lives to meditation. These states and everyday awakening if available to everyone. I am here to help you as you journey into these higher states. it is my life’s work and my divine calling.

Rev. Dr. Patricia is available for private coaching, mentoring or intuitive guidance. With years of experience as an ordained Unity Minister, she brings a powerful field of faith and love to each person she coaches. Whether you are dealing with personal challenges, difficult relationships, resentments, the need to forgive yourself and/or others, major life transitions in career, health, wealth, death or illness, Patricia’s clarity and compassion will support you in finding both inner peace and positive direction. For those experiencing deep charges during this time of Awakening, Patricia offers a clarity and inspirational support that is grounded in her work as an Advanced Oneness Trainer, Oneness Meditation and Sacred Chamber Facilitator One Consciousness Transformer Ekam Mitra as well as her own personal awakening experience in December 2012.

Complementary Jumpstart Sessions available:

All sessions are offered either by phone or video conferencing. To set up a complimentary free session to see if Coaching with Rev. Dr. Patricia is a fit for you, click here and schedule an appointment or email or text her at 510-759-9697.

SpiritMatters Life Monthly Coaching Package

~ 4 Private Coaching Sessions- 60 minutes per session

~ Call Strategy Tools, Discovery worksheets,

~ Post-Session Recap Tool

~ Just-in-time:Online Access in between coaching calls

~ Private Client Portal to post homework and request review

~ Recording if requested of zoom audio or video session

Set up a call to see if the coaching package is right for you? Jumpstart Sessions are always free Feeling Desperate? Need a Session NOW- Just ONE? Rev. Dr. Patricia is available for individual sessions by phone or video conference. Each session is 60 minutes. Sessions are recorded if you wish and a replay link will be sent to you.

call or text to set up a convenient time to meet. 510-759-9697