Setting Right Your Relationships – Online Course

Look inward to discover and clear patterns in your relationships
with Advanced Oneness Trainers Patricia Keel and Elizabeth Scherwenka

We all have our challenges with relationships.
Sometimes it’s a family member who doesn’t understand us,
~ or a co-worker who seems to be angry all the time in our presence,
~ or a grudge that we can’t seem to release.

Try as we might to control our feelings,
~ to help the other person change their troublesome behavior,
~ or to simply avoid or ignore them…the distance still remains.

What we don’t want to do it look inside ourselves.

This is a powerful course and process that will support your deepening awareness of patterns of the mind that hold you back from intimacy and satisfying relationships.

The course comes from Oneness University in southern India and Elizabeth and Patricia have prepared online phone and video curriculum to make the course accessible to those who are not able to travel to a live event.
The teachings are presented by Patricia and Elizabeth in a powerful two hour teleconference. You will receive this link to download and listen at your most auspicious time. Then you will receive two videos which have been specially prepared to take you through contemplations and a process for going deeper into this field of inner work.

**NOTE: This course includes sacred rituals from India.
We recommend that you are a Deeksha Giver, or that you are comfortable with these processes.

Cost for the course is $108.00

Patricia and Elizabeth are available by email to answer your questions while you are taking the course.