growth next exitMost of us have had that Inner URGE – sometimes it’s a sense of discontent, and yet we can feel something is coming, something is happening. It starts inside, or mind can be very active, seeking result ion in many different directions. We may find ourselves in confusion and doubt, and often get lost in our thoughts and squander our energy or loss hope that we will ever Get IT. Sound familiar?

What if you could learn to gain clarity and focus your awareness and attention in a simple way to direct that inner URGE, to bring about opportunities, healing in relationship, financial abundance to create the projects that you desire? That could change everything for you. Focused energy is extremely powerful and each of us has the capability to channel our focused energies and bring about transformation in our lives.

This three part series is a simple path to support transformation, growth and movement in any area of your life. Given by the guides at Oneness University this three part Growth Formula is a powerful teaching that helps us move in the direction of our life purpose and destiny. The formula is based on ancient spiritual teachings coupled with our modern awareness of the power of intention, focus and energy.

The course is available for Self Study in three video installments, plus transcripts of the videos and a workbook for self reflection and forward movement. You may experience the lessons by watching the videos, listening to the audio or reading the transcriptions – or using all three modes.

For those ready to dive more deeply into this work Patricia offers a GFPackage with the Complete Self Study Course plus two 45 minute phone sessions for only $397.

Email Patricia at or call or text to 510-759-9697 to set up your first session.