Relationship Blueprint

Life is relationship… And the roots of all of our relationships come from the relationship we have with our parents. Yet for many of us there are hidden agendas, dysfunctional patterns of communication, resentment, anger, mistrust, and total avoidance of family. It is no wonder that we suffer in our intimate partnerships, with our children, and even with our friends and work associates.

This course is a deep exploration through the subconscious to uncover hidden patterns from birth and childhood that continue to run our lives as adults. Using ancient spiritual processes and meditations we will dive deeply into the past to discover present limitations. The Four Basket Process will take us through the birth journey and the Parent Process will help us see with new awareness. Relief, acceptance, joy and forgiveness are the benefits of this deep and very sacred work.

Bring a yoga mat, a blanket or shawl, water and a notebook and pen.