Last night I was on a call with our Guide Umaji from India and he was speaking about the importance of Sacredness. As we explored this concept of sacredness further we talked about sacredness not only in our quiet-mindedness, when we are attentive to and focused on the Divine within, but we also talked about the quality of Sacredness in our environment. I have been contemplating this today.

Sacredness calls forth a clear and clean space to live in and to honor the presence of the Divine. This might be a specific spot in your home where you pray. Or it might be a table where you have a candle and flowers, a photo or statue.  I know since going to India in 2006b I’ve been very focused on setting up sacred spaces in my home. Being attentive to these spots, dusting, replacing flowers, cleaning and arranging the altars so that they are in balance has been part of my daily practice. The flower lady knows me as I buy roses very regularly for my Divine.

What is your focus on Sacredness in your daily life.
Your Body
Your Home
Your Workplace
Your Natural Surroundings, Garden, Houseplants,
Your Car

Bathing and cleanliness of the body is a sign of sacredness. We are an instrument for the Divine, a sacred vessel created by the Divine to be the hands and feet of the Divine. How do you care for your body? Are you attentive in how you prepare your food and bless those that gave you that food to nourish your body? And how to you care for your dress as adorn your body. Your body expresses your attention to sacredness. Is there beauty and joy coming from your person? You are a Divine Expression, inside and out.

Is your home a place where you would invite an honored guest? Your Divine resides with you, in your home. And most importantly YOU are the honored guest in your home. How does it feel to be in your home? Look around you. Is there clutter and confusion? Or is there order and peace in your home? Or something in between. Notice if you have taken special care in one area and not put the same attention in other areas of your home. Are the items in your home in use or is there stagnant old energy sitting in corners and closets and drawers? Do you need to give items away to allow others to make use of them since they are no longer part of your everyday flow of life? This is simply a refection. No judgment, no need to get to it, to straighten up. Simply be in awareness. See the Sacredness and the lack of Sacredness in your home.

Take this same awareness to your workplace, to your desk at home or your office.

Also how do you attend to your house plants, to your garden. Are you surrounded with living natural beauty that you enjoy and care for?

And your car? How do you care for this vehicle that takes you from place to place. Do you keep it clean, filled with the fluids it needs to function at its best? How do you feel when you get in your car? And is your Divine happy when you go for a drive together?

Enjoy this awareness of Sacredness as you connect more deeply with your Divine on this day.

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