I have had so many amazing teachers and mentors in my life and I want to offer a few resources for you who are on the spiritual path of self healing.

From India – my 15 years of connect in Oneness Ekam
https://www.ekam.org/ this is the EKAM international link to all events, many free

https://www.ekamusacanada.org -this is our USA/CAN website – check LOCAL events for meditations, and Ekam Circles on the calendar

The Breathing room App is a wonderful source of meditations -in many languages.  you get a few that are free, but I recommend subscribing for all the benefits you receive. https://www.breathingroom.com/

This is a great book that I often teach and use for a Book Study Group Check my website for the next class.
The Four Sacred Secrets- for Love and Prosperity: A Guide to LIving in a Beautiful State
Live with a Spiritual Vision
Discover Your Inner Truth
Awaken to Universal Intelligence
Practice Spiritual Right

Unity’s Daily Word offers a daily touchstone connecting you to a deep spiritual truth or principle http://www.dailyword.com/