This is a powerful meditation that was taught by the Guides at O & O Academy in India as part of a recent course I experienced. I have been practicing this mediation daily.

Each Soul Sync meditation gives me the opportunity to have focus and clarity on ONE SPECIFIC Intention for my day, or for my life. It seems to resonate and stay with me throughout the day. The profound stillness and calm I feel sends me off to experience amazing synchronicities and miracles in my day.

The audio process below was recorded by me, Patricia Keel with instructions at the beginning of the process. The entire audio file mp3 is about 18 minutes.

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This powerful meditation was taught to us at the Courses

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Directions to lead Soul Sync for others:

Soul Sync is a meditation which is best done first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up but anytime is fine!

Soul Sync is not positive thinking. It is the power of your own expanded consciousness that leads you to manifest the intentions. When you do Soul Sync, you hold one intention in your heart at a time. If you want to manifest more intentions then you do a second time and a third time during the day.

It is done sitting in a chair or on the floor. Best to keep your back erect. Using the fingers as a way to count to 8. In the first four steps you will be counting 8 breaths touching your thumbs to the four fingers.

Step 1 you practice 8 consciousness breaths

This 1st step activates the prioception, which is increased awareness of the body in the brain.

By the time your finish the first stage your para-sympathetic nervous system is fully active. You are in a relaxed state,

2nd step is again to the count of 8, you inhale and as you exhale make the humming sound of a bee at a base pitch strong enough to create a vibration inside your head.  When you do this spiritually your ajneya chakra is getting activated. It impacts your pineal gland, your pre-frontal cortex and also releases nitric oxide from your sinuses which leads you into deep relaxation within your body.

3rd step, 8 breaths – notice the natural pause after the inhalation before you exhale.

This activates a deeper focus and the brain moves into a deep state of calm when you can pay attention to such a minute pause

4th step to the count of 8 you inwardly chant AHAM  or I am Limitless Consciousness as you exhale. It means I Am limitless consciousness.  This science of repeating a mantra cuts through barrier that limit you

5th stage – hold your index finger touching the thumb – no more counting

Imagine your body expanding into light, into a unitary field of consciousness. You can imagine, feel or think this. This offers a window for experiencing limitless consciousness.

6th stage. As you are immersed into this field then you move onto the Final part of the meditation where you hold the intention, your heartfelt desire, – you feel or see or imagine it as if it is happening in that space of consciousness.

Practice it every morning as if you are walking into your own inner temple manifesting your heart’s desires.

Practice it every morning as if you are walking into your own inner temple manifesting your heart’s desires.