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So I just joined this blog group to get my bogging juices going. I had decided the day before I got this challenge that YES- I want to put a blog on my website. I called Connie my web person and she got it all set, We got rid of the posts that didn’t be-blog belong. and Voila. I had a blog in a day. Then the challenge came and so here I go. I am joining the Facebook group to get a partner.
See the deal is I live with an amazing writer and super incredible poet. Roy Dean Doughty.So how am I supposed to even think I could write? But we can all do it – words on the page – Yes? So I am on it.

The reason to do this is to begin to get some of my inside out on paper. I am teaching classes and getting ready to launch my podcast on Happily Ever After Divorce and so I need to get out there.

As I was walking today I thought about my two divorces. I have been thinking a lot about divorce lately since I will be doing the podcast and also launching a program to help women move through and out the other side of Divorce. I was thinking that Divorce is really one of those major milestones in life. Really major, I mean you think that the decision to marry someone is big, but I feel like the decision to Divorce is bigger. You have more elements in play when you finally get down to the decision to divorce. Of course at the time I was completely unaware of any other “elements” than myself. My divorce, especially the second one, was only all about ME! I had no clue really – about what my husband or my kids were experiencing. That is why I feel like it is bigger than the marriage as far a life altering and pivotal, auspicious, monumental, impactful and HUGE as decisions go.

Anyway having said all that I really do think that I am coming out the other end of all this impact as much more solid and grounded and wise and sensitive human being. But heck it has been over 25 years. so I had better have learned SOMETHING in 25 years.

Actually it has really only been in the past few years that I have put any attention on the subject and done some internal digging to mine the situation. I guess that is why I have this passion to help other women when they are much younger to get the gold in the mine of Divorce, early, rather that bumping around in life for lots of years carrying anger, bitterness, resentment, grudges, pain, resistance, denial, hatred, fear of facing the other and self. There were lots of ways I just sat is the silence pile of ___that was created by my choice to end the marriage. And I was happy as the proverbial PIG. But for the most part I was not really growing and evolving in the vast and expansive ways that I could have, had I had a bit of the insights that I plan to share with my tribe when we get together.

I think the best group of women will be those who initiated the divorce. And maybe even those who have done it twice. So the Double Divorced Dynamic will be a winner for my conversation and sharing my wisdom. They will get a Divorce DEGREE when they are finished with my courses. Graduate school to take you to the level of LOVE naturally and full of joy and Grace. Life is Relationship after all.

Well enough for day#1 of the blog from Dr. P.

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