Current Courses/Events/Teleseminars

Ancestor Karma Clearing – Temporarily not available online

Online Ancestor Liberation Course.

Note: This is a process with Indian rituals and intended for those who are deeksha givers and those who have a familiarity with these processes. If that is not the case for you, please email me immediately. We will refund your course fee and send you to a future Ancestor Course without these Indian rituals.



Questions: email me or Elizabeth

Patricia and Elizabeth

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Oneness Intensive — Oneness Awakening Course.

Info coming soon.

Reno class on Karma

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Banking on Your Karma plus OM in Truckee June 27th

This course is offered in Truckee California
Saturday, June 27th
see the link below to register.
There is also a Sacred Chambers experience after lunch.


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Private Sessions and Downloadable Courses

SKYPE Session with Patricia – 90 Minutes with Oneness Meditation

Patricia’s SKYPE sessions are very powerful as we can connect in meditation and prayer to begin and conclude the private session with a powerful Oneness Meditation to anchor what has been the focus. Transformation and deeper states of awareness and consciousness are the result of these hour and a half sessions.


The Four Baskets-
Deepening Based on your Birth Experience

This is a very powerful process that is taught to us by the Guides at Oneness University in India. In order to fully receive the power and grace of the Divine through this meditation, please prepare yourself and your sacred space.

~ Allow two hours for the process – no distractions, turn off your phone.
~ Create a sacred space, – clean the space, light a candle, have a picture of your Divine, offer flowers, fruit, incense, light.
~ Sit on the floor or in a chair for the meditation but have a mat and comfortable place to lie down for integration. You may chose to lie down for the entire process, be mindful that sometimes we check out when lying down.
~ Connect you computer to speakers or adjust your computer speakers so that your volume is comfortable. There is an introductory mp3 and you can use that for a sound check before downloading and diving into the process mp3.

If you haven’t watched the livestream discussion about the 4 baskets, here are the links. Each discussion is followed by Awakened Deeksha, which would be a wonderful beginning for your process. Take your time as your allow yourself to be fully aware and immersed in this powerful experience.

NOTE:  Please view these links here.  They are unavailable from later pages.

Video Overview explaining the Four Baskets – Free
Video Explaining 1st and 2nd Basket – Free
Video Explaining 3rd Basket – Free
Video Explaining 4th Basket – Free
The Four Baskets –  Audio File – 1 hour 45 minutes

Session with Patricia – One Hour Phone or in Person

One on one sessions with Patricia can be in person at her Marin Country location or by phone. Each session will include an opening meditation or breath awareness centering before we identify your particular area of concern or focus. each session will conclude with a deeksha t0 anchor and help bring about the desired shift in consciousness.

Online payment is required prior to the start of any phone session.

Those wishing to have a Skype session which lasts an hour and a half and includes a Oneness Mediation, please make your payment on that link.

Get On With It — GF Coaching Program Package

Info coming soon.

21 day Spiritual Boot Camp – A Journey through the Chakras – Coming Soon

Info coming soon.

Get On With It– Growth Formula Self Study Course

Most of us have had that Inner URGE – sometimes it’s a sense of discontent, and yet we can feel something is coming, something is happening. It starts inside, or mind can be very active, seeking result ion in many different directions. We may find ourselves in confusion and doubt, and often get lost in our thoughts and squander our energy or loss hope that we will ever Get IT.  Sound familiar?

What if you could learn to gain clarity and focus your awareness and attention in a simple way to direct that inner URGE, to bring about opportunities, healing in relationship, financial abundance to create the projects that you desire? That could change everything for you. Focused energy is extremely powerful and each of us has the capability to channel our focused energies and bring about transformation in our lives.

This three part series is a simple path to support transformation, growth and movement in any area of your life. Given by the guides at Oneness University this three part Growth Formula is a powerful teaching that helps us move in the direction of our life purpose and destiny. The formula is based on ancient spiritual teachings coupled with our modern awareness of the power of intention, focus and energy.  Patricia created these videos as part of her Livestream webcasts in 2015. They have been transcribed by Australian Deeksha giver Mandy Wilde.


The course is available for Self Study in three video installments, plus transcripts of the videos and a workbook for self reflection and forward movement. You may experience the lessons by watching the videos, listening to the audio or reading the transcriptions – or using all three modes.
The cost of the GFSelf Study Course alone is $79.00

For those ready to dive more deeply into this work Patricia offers a GF Coaching Package with the Complete Self Study Course plus 3 one hour phone sessions for only $397. (That represents a savings of $132)

Private Coaching – 3 Keys to Wealth Consciousness

This One on One 3 Keys to Wealth Consciousness Coaching Program focuses on three key teachings that will help you build wealth consciousness. Building Wealth Consciousness is the foundation to having wealth, money, and the resources we all need and desire to show up fully alive and to fulfill our divine destiny on planet earth at this time.

Prior to our session I will send you an assessment tool and ask you to fill that out and send a copy to me. When you are ready we will meet for a two hour session, either in person or on SKYPE and work through the 3 Keys as they relate to you and your desires for wealth, money and things. There will be an accountability email exchange and a follow up half hour call in two weeks.
The Fee for this  coaching program is $397.00