An Interactive Workshop with Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Unity Minister, Oneness Trainer and Meditator
Sunday July 19th in Fairfield, Iowa 10am – noon



• Are there some conversations that you just plain AVOID?
……perhaps because they are too difficult, too painful,
or because there is too much anger, old hurts, long-held resentments ……………

• Are your closest relationships the ones that cause you the most stress and suffering?

• Do you walk on egg shells or avoid certain topics just to keep the peace? And how “peaceful” is that peace, really?

• Are you tired of hearing and sharing the same old story, but you just don’t know how to change the dynamic of your communications.

If so, this workshop will be a breakthrough experience for You.

You will discover your own inner set point, which will become a new way to engage with others.

You will learn how to be present, to listen from Presence, from
the heart, and to respond and speak from your highest

Join Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel for this powerful two hour highly interactive workshop that will change the way you communicate forever.
Tuition: $30 preregistered or $40 at the door.
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Date: Sunday July 19th 10am – noon

Location: Phoenix Rising Hall Fairfield Iowa