Imagine a weekend Retreat in the Redwoods of Northern Californiaralstonhouse

Experience Peace and Stillness in the majesty of nature’s giants

Enjoy quiet time to reflect and share as you discover
The Beautiful State within and without.

Let go of stress, anxiety, frustration, confusion, and fear.


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Give yourself the gift of Renewing, Rejuvenating, Rewiring as you Rediscover The Beautiful State.

About the Weekend and the Course

The Beautiful State” is a transformational course led by Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel, who is a senior student of O & O Academy in India and trained as a One Consciousness Transformer. The Beautiful State is designed to help dissolve the destructive patterns and forces of the unconscious and awaken you to the power of Higher Consciousness, to Source, to the Divine within. The scientifically developed practices coupled with insightful wisdom lessons and mystical processes will initiate an authentic shift in your consciousness.

In this weekend you will experience peace with yourself and a deep harmony with others. You will also have an awakening to a greater purpose and cooperation in your worklife. In additional you’ll take home simple, easy & powerful meditation practices to awaken you to the power of a Beautiful State.

Short video of a participant at TBS

What people are saying about the weekend:- recently taught in Auckland, N.Z.

  •  “I’m not normally one that has big transformations but I did this weekend and I am so excited about living my life in a Beautiful State. I definitely want more! I feel thrilled with this weekend & look forward to more transformations. Very powerful” J.M  New Zealand.
  •  “This is a must do workshop, beautifully run with humility and grace.Humbled, hopeful, grateful. Full of LOVE.” S. New Zealand
  • “A quantum step for people in understanding their stressors, stress and practical, powerful tools to support you in better living life in a happy state.” S.H.

Retreat Details:
Ralston White Retreat

Our course will be held in the beautiful redwoods of Marin Country, at Ralston White Retreat House in Mill Valley California. This historic 14,000 sq. ft. three story mansion was completed in 1917 by Ralston Lovell White as a wedding gift for his wife. The retreat sits on 43 acres of private redwood forest and trails. Here’s a little history

We will have exclusive use of the house and grounds during our weekend stay. A chef will prepare meals beginning Friday dinner and ending with lunch on Sunday. Upon registration you will receive information on what to bring, and more specific options to travel to the Retreat for those coming from out of town. At that time please advise Patricia of any dietary restrictions that you may have and the chef will do the his/her best to accommodate you.

Please click for photos of the Retreat Rooms and Grounds

Double Occupancy Rooms – Twin Beds, in most rooms. Many of the rooms have outdoor porch or balcony seating areas. Those will be assigned to the first registrations.

Single Occupancy Rooms are limited but are available for an extra fee on a first come-first reserved basis.

I’m limiting the number of participants this weekend to provide extra space and time for your personal reflection on the porches, balconies or in the redwoods. There are hiking trails, a pond and beautiful grounds to explore.

Retreat Fees Register Here
Include workshop fee, accommodations Friday & Saturday nights & the following meals

  • Friday: Dinner
  • Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, DInner
  • Sunday: Continental Breakfast, Lunch

Early Bird Pricing –
Double Room Accommodation & Meals $350 plus $200 Course Fee = $550
Single RoomAccommodation & Meals (as available) $450 plus $220 Course fee = $650

All prices increased by $100 after August 10th when Early Bird Expires
To guarantee special meals (vegan, gluten free) you must register by August 3rd

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I have made a three payment option for Double Room

$200 now and 2 more payments of $175 before August 12th.

For a Single Room $250 now and 2 more payment of $200 before August 12th

Fly into SFO – San Francisco, CHECK OUT Southwest Airlines for great rates into SFO/Oakland. There is an Airporter Bus directly from SFO to Mill Valley every half hour.

What Participant are saying about The Beautiful State Workshop 

I saw “how I live life alone looking out for others and therefore not feeling apart of anything. The meditations took me to a new level of love within.” ” K.W. New Zealand

“The real big shift for me is seeing that I have been building this business backwards. Instead of focusing on doing the right things, I now know that the right things will flow from doing the business from the beautiful state.”     — D.M. California

“I feel calmer than I have for along time. Calmer at my Core
I feel I will be more self assured at work”  Anon California

“This has given me a space to feel a fresh commitment to my relationship – to bring sweetness and more love.” L.R. California

“As a first-time participant and a beginner when it comes to meditation, I found The Beautiful State workshop very accessible. The meditation exercises helped me connect with some deeply held feelings that I was able to release.  And, the curriculum was put together and delivered in a way that made sense to me.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate.”         — A.S.

 “Throughout my life I have had the fortune to work in my awakening and development of consciousness through different forms, processes, guides and teachers.  Today I feel deeply grateful and fulfilled for the opportunity to be in this course since it is helping me to understand and assimilate some concepts in a deeper yet so simple way.            –L. V.  

“Just after guilt and shame teaching, during meditation, a person that had hurt me a lot, appeared. I blamed him for so long for my unhappiness. During this meditation, I discovered that the guilt and responsibility of my unhappiness has been mine. Because I always wanted him to offered me an apology. I visualized myself offering him apologies, in this way of respecting his way of being, and then observed that the person I have to forgive is ME.  I embraced my wounded heart and forgave myself.”                 –R.C.

“Every time I heard someone talking about taking an inner journey to see what is going on inside oneself, I never listened. It seemed to me like nonsense.  After having a very strong life experience, I decided to do it. I decided to take this course to see what was happening with me and how I was internally, and it was the best thing I could have ever done in my life…!!!

Even though it was very painful because I realized many things that I was not aware of, I had never felt so at peace and so connected with myself…!! I feel so deeply grateful with this course. I was able to do the journey, able to go inside and understand what is happening.  I was able to become aware and realize that I have a long way to go. But now I know where I am.  Thank you for teaching me this way and teaching me that to see inside you is the best life experience…!!!                       –V. I.  21 years old