Are you troubled by any of these limited emotional states – Fear, Stress, Anxiety, Loneliness, Self-Judgment?

Do you feel a sense of stagnation at work or in relationships?

Stress has become the default state for most people when confronted with challenging life situations. We experience stress of some kind at home, at work, in our intimate relationships and our professional lives. It is, by far, the biggest cause of failure at work and disconnection in relationships, as well as unexplainable ailments. While many believe stress to be an inevitable part of life, does it have to be that way?

Learning the right practice and wisdom can indeed shift your brain’s activity from the lower to higher brain, where stress-free intelligent living becomes possible. We call this experience “The Beautiful State.”

The Beautiful State

THE BEAUTIFUL STATE is a two-day spiritual workshop designed to help participants identify the factors that create stress and to master the art of freedom from stress. Scientifically developed practices coupled with insightful wisdom lessons create a profound shift in consciousness, thereby culminating in a Beautiful State of calm, love, joy and connectedness. You will take home a simple, short and impactful meditation practice that helps you stay connected to this BEAUTIFUL STATE.

What you can expect from the course:

  • Learn to dissolve stressful/suffering states and move into a BEAUTIFUL STATE.
  • Experience harmony within yourself so you can live a life of inner peace and joy.
  • Experience harmony with others so you can experience great relationships and meaning in your life.
  • Experience harmony at your work so you can create great success, abundance, and a meaningful career.

Join Rev. Patricia Keel. Gwen Mitchell and Liselot Bergen, One Consciousness Transformers certified by O&O Academy in India to teach this powerful course.

Here is the link to register

Early Bird Price is $199 by June 18th

Thereafter the price is $249 and on the day of the course registration is $299.