After a second trip to Oneness University for a two week deepening course in 2007, Patricia Keel and Roy Doughty were inspired to begin as a live morning radio program in San Francisco. They approached KEST, a popular personal growth-focused radio station in San Francisco and the Oneness Program was born. They hosted and produced the program for 18 months. Each weekly show included call ins, a reading of Roy’s poetry and two intentional deekshas, the transmission of the  Oneness Blessing, given over the air.

In 2010, after the January Trainers Course at OU, Patricia was guided to expand the program to become an online radio STATION – offering interviews, music and deeksha blessings all day and all night.  She began by interviewing Oneness Trainers and included two deeksha blessings in each hour long show – one at 25 and 55 minutes after the hour.  In 2010 the show was picked up by Unity online radio and Patricia had a featured show weekly.

The program was available 24/7 by computer, on phones and tablets, but there have been no new postings for quite some time due to other priorities. You still get the great interviews, many with people who have shifted into awakening, and always those powerful intentional deekshas on the 25 and 55 minutes after the hour.

Patricia launched a PODCAST program called Relationship Fix in December 2016 on iTunes, stitcher and other podcast distributions. Email her at