190770_10150117085207058_611647057_6596305_696881_nI am passionate about transformation and I know that all change takes place from the inside out. This is why I started a Unity church in Berkeley in 2000 and why I left pulpit ministry in 2011 to devote my life and work to the vision and global transformation I found at Oneness University in southern India.  Since my first trip in March 2006 I have felt a gradual shift in my awareness and more and more quiet in my mind. The profound stillness that pervade my day is palpable and so welcome in this world of noise, chaos, too much and overwhelming information.

Since 2006 I have made 14 trips to India, both to take month long courses at Oneness University and also to bring groups form the USA and Canada to the courses. It is a process that enlivens me and supports all the gifts that I have been given in this lifetime.


The teachings at Oneness University are ancient. They are the foundation of all the great wisdom traditions and many of the great world religions. They sink into the heart and seem to disengage us from the activity of the self-centered  mind.  For me the transformation as been so very deep, and continues to flow and grace my life with mystery and countless miracles.



It is my continued joy to support others on the path, both through my coaching practice and group classes, but also as a travel coordinator to India.  I am suporting a group to a very special two week course, the Journey into Oneness -dates June 1-16th, 2017 include arrival and departure dates. . Participants will have deep and amazing processes to see their patterns, habits of mind and conditions that came to them from family of origin and through our culture. They will receive the gift of awakening into a quieter mind and the grace of connection and friendship with people from all over the world in the courses. I suggest that you plan to arrive no later than May 29th or 30th so that you have a few days to rest in Chennai before you travel to OU on June 1st.

Here is the link to join my June travel group. We have group calls THursday evening 5pm Pacific beginning in late March to help you plan and answer questions. You can find a roommate for your hotel stay in Chennai, and some people like to plan a short trip before or after the  course with others attending the course.

Also available at the same time is the Oneness Partners Course level 1, 2, 3:
Each course builds upon the next.The fee is $7,000 if you take Stage 1, $12,000 for Stages 2 and 2 and $15,000 each if you take all three together.

Link for Information and application to Oneness Partners Course http://journeyintofreedom.in/

*All dates include arrival and departure dates. You must arrive after 4pm, and depart before 10am.
Stage 1 – May 30th to Jun 6th
Stage 2 – Jun 6th to 12th
Stage 3 – Jun 12th to 18th
Children’s Course – May 30th to Jun 18th

As part of your journey many people enjoy making a visit Amma’s ashram in Neman and to participate in a special ritual puja before traveling on to the University. The plan is to stop at Amma’s ashram on our way to the campus. Know that it is not required that you join a travel group, but I highly recommend the support and connection that are part of the experience of traveling together.

Registration for the Journey Into Oneness course is through this online application directly to Oneness University. Here is that link.

Registration for the Oneness Partners Level 1 is at this link.

Here are a few photos from the campus.

Be sure to check out the videos on this page.https://patriciakeel.com/videosou/


The Oneness Temple

The Oneness Temple