Ekam  ~  The Oneness Field


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Here is general description of the EKAM

The USA site includes https://www.ooacademyusa.org/
Travel info. passport, visa, flight, hotel, taxi – https://www.ooacademyusa.org/travel/
Accommodations on the 4 campuses https://www.ooacademyusa.org/course/the-oneness-field/travel/
Courses in USA and India. https://www.ooacademyusa.org/courses/
The Oneness Travel Agent, Tina Murray can set up your flight, hotel, taxi  onenesstravelagent@gmail.com

 EKAM VIDEOS from O&O Academy

The Opening of EKAM January, 2018 https://player.vimeo.com/video/252027008

Link for O&O Academy website

Join the Prayer List with those who want to go to EKAM

Links for replay recent calls – A Taste of Ekam
April 24, 2018 Be sure to go to www.ooacademyusa.org  and look under COURSES for the Oneness Field and under TRAVEL for great detailed information on getting there.  Email CONTACT upper right if you want to find a travel organizer for Ekam.  Here is the link for the replay   https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5q47a9jh9xlicd/Replay%20Tast%20of%20Ekam%204_25.m4a?dl=0

May 22nd Taste of Ekam Call –  Fast Forward to 4min 50 seconds to begin the presentationMeeting Recording: