This will be my fourth year to support travelers to Oneness University. I will be organizing the group in April 2016. Join me in April or take a look at this page where you will find lots of information on the new Courses, the cost as well as links to register for other months of travel with our National Organizers for North America.

I am so very happy to be taking another group of spiritual seekers to Oneness University this fall. The weather will be warm but not as hot as May – July months, and since I attending the Science courses that are offered last September, I can attest that they are very powerful and you will be very blessed in your process. A little background as your group leader: I lead a group to the three weeks of Science Courses at OU in September 2015 then attended the three sessions of Oneness Partners Course. I was there three times in 2014 taking my Advanced Trainer Course and being initiated as a Sacred Chamber Facilitator as well as taking two groups of 25 in April and September.  I took at large group of 53 ministers and key church leaders in June of 2013.

I really enjoy helping people prepare for the trip. I suggest we gather in Chennai a few days before our course begins to adjust our body clocks, to shop and to get to know each other in a relaxed way before we make the two and a half hour trip to the campus. I will arrive in Chennai on Thursday March 30th and encourage you to arrive that evening or the early morning of April 1st. We will travel together to the campus and register for our courses on Saturday April 2nd.

This year I am planning to stay at the Taj Clubhouse Hotel. They are offering us great group rates, including wi-fi, good food and excellent accommodations. We will help you find a roommate if you wish to have a double room. Another less expensive option is the nearby LA Woods Hotel. Our travel agent, Advanced Oneness Trainer Tina Murray is able to help with hotel as well as your airfare if you wish to contact her after you have registered. She will organize your pickup at the airport and taxi to your hotel for your arrival. I will organize our group transit to OU on April 2nd.

Our April travel group will connect by google group online and we will have monthly and then weekly teleconference calls as April approaches. I record the calls and also will send out other useful information. First thing is to get your valid passport, next an Indian Visa. I have a few recommendations on that which I will share once you are registered in the April 2016 group.

If you wish to look at dates and travel organizers for other months in 2015, go to this link

Below is a description of the three new courses taken from the site. 
Note: Dates include travel arrival and departure dates for our September trip

Oneness Courses is a step-by-step process that gently guides you from the awareness of where you truly are to the limitless possibilities of where your life could potentially take you.

Participants of these courses are likely to receive the gift of wealth, health, love and harmony in relationships, a life partner, peace, happiness or solution to other problems from Sri Amma Bhagavan the Phenomenon.

Sri Amma Bhagavan the Phenomenon & the Science of Fulfillment –
April 2-9th

We all have dreams in our lives and set goals to make these dreams come true.  Somewhere down the line we face obstacles that make success seem like a mirage.  It may be due to lack of proper vision, lack of confidence and courage, indecisiveness or unnecessary distractions, etc.  Such problems prevent us from taking the right course of action.  But this competitive world demands us to be energetic and focused at all times. This course helps to access the innate qualities that will bring about fulfillment in all aspects of your personal, professional, academic, family and spiritual life. The university integrates the mystical laws of the universe with mundane problems of the world and draws out solutions.  It is an empirical science with which we deal here. You are also provided with dynamic tools that can give you an actual experience of the teachings, creating a shift in your perception, allowing you to see a much broader spectrum of life.

Once you are fulfilled you become a happy human being. From here begins your expedition towards transformation…

Sri Amma Bhagavan the Phenomenon & the Science of Transformation
April 9-16th

Awakening is a Journey. This process primarily focuses on facilitating the participants to become cognizant of themselves and move towards awareness. And this awareness leads to transformation which brings about a shift in consciousness referred to as Awakening. This process aims at awakening the true nature of the individual and free them from the charges and destructive thought patterns entrenched deeply in the unconscious. It transforms an individual into a happy human being. The course facilitates a journey that takes you to an expanded state of awareness offering precise, practical teachings that you can apply to your everyday life. At the end of this second week you will be given your awakening number or the date when your awakening will occur.

Sri Amma Bhagavan the Phenomenon & the Science of Oneness
April 16-24th

Description would be updated soon…

Additionally the New Oneness Trainers Course is being offered in
April 23rd to May 1st.

Here is the link to see the full calendar for 2016

Course fees and prerequisites effective June 2015:
All course dates listed on OU’s website include arrival and departure days.

AmmaBhagavan the Phenomenon Science Course Fees:
includes tuition, room and board wi-fi and laundry on both campuses

GC2   – Dormitory Style              
Science of Fulfillment $1380
Science of Transformation $1480
Science of Oneness $1580

Campus 3     Hotel Style Double with bath – per person
Science of Fulfillment $2150
Science of Transformation $2375
Science of Oneness $2600

AmmaBhagavan the Phenomenon and the Science Course Prerequisites
1. Participants must have attended any Oneness Course conducted by a Oneness Trainer to attend the Science Courses. (OAC, Health Course, Wealth Course, Ancestral Process, 4 Baskets and so on) but need not be a Oneness Blessing Giver.  
2. All Science Courses must be taken sequentially: Week 1: Science of Fulfillment, Week 2: Science of Transformation and Week 3: Science of the Oneness.
3. Participants must attend Week 1 and Week 2 of the Science courses to receive their Awakening number.
4.  Participants who have completed three weeks of the Deepening Course since October 2014, can get their awakening number after attending Week 1: Science of Fulfillment Course. This does not apply to participation of any Deepening weeks prior to October 2014. 
5 . Those who have attended 4 weeks of the Deepening Course after October 2014 may choose to attend Week 3: Science of Oneness independently without having to attend Weeks 1/2.

New Trainers Course Fees:
Dormitory Style Rooms New Oneness Trainer Course $1810
Campus 3
 – Hotel Style Double Room with bath – New Oneness Trainer Course $2825

New Trainers Course Prerequisites:

  1. Participants who are not Trainers must have completed either: the Deepening Course October 2014 or later, or all Doors Courses, or all three Science Courses, or all three Partners Courses Jan 2014 or later.
  2. Existing Oneness Trainers must have completed either: a 4 week Deepening Course where they have received confirmation of Awakening, or all Doors Courses, or all Science courses.

Advanced Trainers Course Fees:
Advanced Trainer Course $1910
Campus 3 
Advanced Trainer Course $2975

Advanced Trainers Course Prerequisites:

Advanced Trainers Course Prerequisites:
1. Participants must have completed the OLD or NEW Trainers Course AND completed either: a full Deepening Process where they received confirmation of Awakening, or a Special Deepening, or A Journey into the Divine Course, or all 3 Doors courses, or all 3 Sciences courses.

Journey with Sri Amma Bhagavan Course Fees: 
 Journey into the Divine $4690
Campus 3
 Journey into the Divine: $7375