For those wishing to attend the June, 2017 Courses at Oneness University there are some basic steps you need to take to prepare your paperwork and yourself for the journey and for the JOURNEY!

Below is a checklist you can copy and print to keep track of your progress.

1. Join our June Travel Group. It is great to meet new friends ahead of arriving in India. we will have some informational calls in April and May to prepare you for the journey. It is great to have people to connect with and my support as you make this amazing transformational journey. I am there to help with changing money, shopping for light and comfortable inexpensive clothes, visiting Amma’s ashram, Hindu temple in Chennai, etc.

1. Apply to Oneness University for the course you plan to attend. Here is the link with descriptions of the courses and the two different types of accommodations: dormitory on GC2 or a shared or private room on GC5. The prices for Journey into Oneness 14 days accommodations, course, wifi, laundry is $$3,500 on GC2 and $5,600. Here are some campus guidelines. we will speak more abtut these details on our travel calls.

2. Get your Passport – Update if it is expiring before the end of 2017. You need to have 6 months past your arrival in India to get a valid India Tourist Visa. You can apply for a passport at a US postoffice.

3. Apply for your TOURIST VISA to go to India.  
There are two different types of India Visas available:
A 10 year visa, which requires that you mail in your passport, or make a trip to one of the main Visa offices in the US/Canada. Check this link to see where these offices are located.

The E-visa which is valid for 30 day stay in India. This visa is handled through email only and you will not actually get a visa stamp on your passport until you arrive in India.

4. get a calendar out and mark the specific dates for arrival in India, Travel Day to and from the OU Campus, First day of your course. If you are planning to travel with our June group, here is a calendar that you can download and use for planning your travel