How does YOUR Karma 
affect YOUR relationships?
You'll be shocked, surprised, delighted...and YIKES?
Really, this much? Look under the Hood of your Karma.

Your Karma Mechanic

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel

 Relationship Issues?

Look Under the Hood of your KARMA

This Webinar is for you if you...


Have long-standing hurts that you can't seem to release. Even the idea of forgiveness seems impossible.


If you have been looking for love in all the WRONG places.


If you feel hate, anger, or distrust of your co-workers or family members.


If you were mistreated as a child and have put your parents in the deep freeze, never wishing to speak to them.


If you are drained of energy and suffering from chronic health issues.


If you're ready to let go and find happiness and peace in your mind and heart, and in your relationships.

Do You Dare Peek Under the Hood?