OU temple

Oneness University has 11 campuses in the beautiful areas of southern India, just northwest of Chennai.

Here is a video showing the 11 campuses of Oneness University in souther India. Most of the courses are taught at GC2, Campus3 and the Temple Campus, but often we are taken by bus to the sacred forest or to other sacred lands owned by the University.

Below of some wonderful videos that were taken during the courses. Our video expert is none other than Doug Bentley, who previously was the USA/Canada guide for OU. Doug is very active on campus doing the website, creating music and videos,which is his joy and expertise.

Video ops 123 oct 2016


OU yoga on the rooftop

Yoga in the morning on the rooftop, or on the sacred lawn where Sri Bhagavan used to give Darshan on Campus 3. in the later OPC courses we travel to other sacred campuses to do afternoon practices.

Video of Oneness Partners Course Oct. 2015

ou temple with people
Sacred temple video

Oneness Partners Course Jan. 2016

helen, gerd marianna juen 0pc 2016

My good friends Gerd and Marianne from Germany, we met in 2007 and here we are with Helen who is a Chinese translator living in England. We all continue to attend the Oneness partners Courses several times a year together. Monthly calls with our Guide Kumarji keep us connected and weekly calls and Whats App group text also allows us to stay together even though we come from many different countries and speak different languages. We are One family.
Gerd, Marianne, Gwen, more OPC course 2016

Three week course  OPC 2016

Recent Video from March Journey into Oneness 1 Course 2017

video from Spring 2017 Journey into Oneness 3 Course