The Oneness Wealth Course 
Sunday Sept 24th in San Francisco 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Magnolia Wellness Center 2134 van Ness Ave. at Broadway.

This is the official Wealth Course from Oneness University offered by Advanced Trainers Patricia Keel and Elizabeth Scherwenka. The course includes deep contemplations, rituals and transformative energies. Wealth is expereince in many forms: prosperity of finances, relationships, health, beauty, good connections, courage, superior resources, divine grace and more.

As a participant you will need to prepare for the course, and we will need to make a space for you, so pre-registration is necessary. Space is limited in this beautiful wellness center. we will take a break for lunch in the neighborhood, or you may bring your lunch and eat on the outdoor deck.

The Oneness Wealth Course
Sunday, Sept. 24th 9:30-5:30 pm
2134 Van Ness Ave. at Broadway in San Francis
Early bird registration $149.00 or $179.00 at the door.
Register early as there are items to prepare and bring with you to the course.

Early Bird registration by Sept. 22nd

Your Personal portable altar
As part of our course we invite you to create your own personal altar space. We will sit in chairs or on the floor. If you need a chair, please let us know. For the wealth ritual you will need to bring 108 coins of any denomination, a piece of fruit, or some nuts, chocolate, or a flower, and a small plate to hold your coins on your personal altar space. You may also bring photos of ancestors, parents, and any symbol of the divine to place on your small altar space. Please bring a cloth the size of a placemat to use as the base for your altar.

For those wish wish to deepen the process there will be a special procedure to follow for the next ten days after the course.